FortuneJack Loyalty Garage Promotion

FortuneJack Loyalty Garage Promotion
FortuneJack is proud to present to you the Loyalty Garage Promotion!
Earn Status Points as you play.
Collect more points to upgrade your garage and enjoy bigger rewards.

The possibilities to WIN big is real and FortuneJack will have have you covered in case of loses.
Go for Gold now with Huge amounts of monthly Cashbacks and Reload bonuses!
FortuneJack Loyalty Garage Promotion

How Loyalty works

    What Is Loyalty Garage And How To Participate?

  • Loyalty Garage is a Reward Program where points are accumulated through making bets.
  • The moment you open and verify the account, you automatically get keys for your Loyalty Garage. Email address and Phone number verification is required to start earning Status points. The more bets you place, the more Status Points you earn, the luxurious your garage gets, and the bigger your rewards become!
  • As a beginner you are entitled to own a Scooter. Collecting 50 Status Points gets you to drive Tesla. After finally accumulating 300 Status Points you ride Lambo. But The world is never big enough for you, so you aim for a fancy Yacht, to get the Yacht you will need to collect 1500 Status Points.
    How To Accumulate Status Points?

  • Status Points are earned through making Real Money Bets. The higher the amount of the bet, the more status points you get. $100 Bet = 1 Status Points X Game Contribution %
  • Different games have different contributions toward earning Status Points. As shown in the game contribution list: Slots – 100%. Sportsbook 10%. Live Casino 5%. Provably Fair Games 5%. Dice 0%
    What Is The Validity Period Of Status Points?

  • In order to keep the flow of your Reward Tier in accordance with your activity level, the points that you’ve earned exactly one month ago will be automatically expired. As stated by the given formula of Status Point calculation:
    Your status points will be calculated starting from the current day of your play, minus the number of days there are in the current month, minus 1 day. To simplify, here is the formula: Current (today) Day – (Number of days in the current month – 1)
    Example 1: Today is 16th of May. There are 31 days in May. 16th May – (31 days -1) = 16th May -30 Days=16th April. This means that in order to count Status points achieved by 16th of May, we must consider the period between 16th April – 16th May.
    Example 2: If today is 7th September the Formula will be: 7th September – (30 Days of September -1 Day) = 7th September – 29 Days = 9th of August.
    *There is an exception in this Formula when Count back spreads on not just the previous month, but a month before that too. Example: March 2 – (31 Days – 1) = 31st January. According to this exception, the period of play will be starting on 1st of February. The rule is to not span the period of play across more than 2 months.
  • The Status Points that you will accumulate within the validity period will count towards the improvement of Your Loyalty Garage Ride.
    What Are The Loyalty Garage Rewards?

      Monthly Cashback

    • Monthly Cashback is automatically issued to your wallet at the beginning of every month from lost deposits accrued the month prior. That’s a dependable, instant addition to your bankroll, every month! Best of all, no wagering requirements apply, and the more luxurious your garage is, the bigger the cashback kickback!
    • The exact Cashback percentage is dependent on Loyalty Garage Status (as shown in the list below).
      • Scooter – 3% Cashback
      • Tesla – 5% Cashback
      • Lambo – 7% Cashback
      • Yacht – 10% Cashback
    • Your Deposit over the course of the month should be more than 0 to qualify for the Monthly Cashback.
    • 80% of the qualifying deposit must be lost in order to receive the Cashback Bonus.
    • Cashback is automatically issued to player’s account in the beginning of every Month.
    • Cashback is valid for a period of 10 days. Any unused or unredeemed Cashback will be removed after 10 days.
    • Cashback is credited directly to your wallet and DO NOT have wagering requirements.
    • You must have no pending withdrawals in order to claim the Cashback Bonus.
    • Any accounts that are identified to be linked to an account already claiming this promotion will not be eligible, and Cashback credited to both accounts will be retracted.
    • FortuneJack may, at its sole discretion, change the terms and conditions, the promotion itself, or limit the eligibility of players to participate in this promotion, for any reason whatsoever without prior notice.

      Weekly Reload Bonus

    • Once a week, we will match your Deposit with a percentage up to a certain amount depending on what Ride you own in the Loyalty Garage. Whether it is the Scooter, Tesla, Lambo or the insane 40% up to 2 BTC exclusive to Yacht owners, you will be locked and reloaded for some serious betting entertainment.
      • Scooter – 25% up to 0.25 BTC
      • Tesla – 30% up to 0.5 BTC
      • Lambo – 35% up to 1 BTC
      • Tesla – 40% up to 2 BTC
    • Be sure to opt in for the Reload Bonus BEFORE you deposit. Go to ACCOUNT, click ACTIVATE, make a deposit, and experience the fortune!
    • The minimum deposit needed in order to qualify for the promotion is 0.002 BTC.
    • Reload bonus can be claimed one time per week.
    • The bonuses awarded will be credited to the player’s bonus amount balance and is subject to our standard terms and conditions, bonus terms, and wagering requirements.
    • When wagering, funds on the main account will be used prior to the use of bonus money.
    • Before the bonus money can be converted into money you can withdraw, the bonus money must be turned over 40 times in the Casino (minimum wagering requirements).
    • Maximum bet when a bonus is pending, or actively being turned over, is 0.0014 BTC per bet. Failure to follow this condition may result in forfeiting any winnings.
    • Only bets made using bonus money will count towards the total wagering requirement. Bonus money begins when your original cash deposit is depleted.
    • The Reload Bonus will expire after 7 days. Unless wagering is complete by that time, all winnings that apply to that bonus as well as the bonus itself will expire.
    • Any accounts that are identified to be linked to an account already claiming this promotion will not be eligible, and any bonuses credited to both accounts will be retracted.
    • FortuneJack may, at its sole discretion, change the terms and conditions, the promotion itself, or limit the eligibility of players to participate in this promotion, for any reason whatsoever without prior notice to the end users.
    • General bonus terms and conditions apply.


FortuneJack 20% Cashback on 1st Deposit Promotion

FortuneJack 20% Cashback on 1st Deposit Promotion
FortuneJack is making you get your money worth with a sensational cashback offer!

Make your first deposit right now.
FortuneJack is giving you 20% Cashback on your loses for the next 24 hours, guaranteed!
FortuneJack 20% Cashback on 1st Deposit Promotion

Who Is Eligible To Receive 1st Deposit Cashback?

  1. All new players, who verified their account are eligible to receive either FortuneJack’s 1st Deposit 20% Cashback or 1st Deposit bonus 110% up to 1.5 BTC upon their choice.
  2. In order to claim 1st deposit 20% cashback, the minimum amount of deposit must be at least 0.002 BTC or 20 USD.
  3. Only players who verified their email address and phone number are eligible to receive 1st Deposit Cashback.

How Is Cashback Money Calculated?

  1. Players who have Activated 1st Deposit Cashback, will receive 20% cashback on their net loss from the qualifying categories, generated during 24 hours after their first real money bet.
  2. Qualifying Categories are all FortuneJack Games except Live Casino. So Players will receive 20% cashback on their total losses generated from Slots, Provably Fair Games, Dice and Sportsbook.
  3. Bonus money loss does not count towards 20% cashback.

Other Significant Terms

  1. Cashback is credited after 25 hours from the 1st real money bet directly to Player’s main wallet and DOES NOT have wagering requirements.
  2. The minimum Cashback amount that can be claimed 1 USD. There is no Maximum limit.
  3. Deposit Must be made in a timeframe of 10 days after Bonus Activation in order to receive the cashback.
  4. Only bets that have “not pending” status are included
  5. If first deposit after activating the bonus is in fiat currency, crypto deposits made within 24 hour will not be included in cashback calculation and vice versa.