Play at FortuneJack and Win 100 mBTC everyday

Do you know that you can win 100 mBTC EVERY DAY?
Yep, it’s true and simple with LUCKYJACK – new promo where we distribute 1000 mBTC prize fund every day to players registered at FortuneJack.
What’s LuckyJack about?
LuckyJack is a giveaway promo game, where we distribute up to 1000 mBTC prize fund every day to players registered at; Total of up to 30,000 mBTC per month
Who is qualified for the promotion?
Players who deposited total of 10 mBTC at Fortunejack are qualified for the giveaway promo; Newbies will automatically be enrolled when the game resets.
How is the Prize Fund distributed?
Every day we choose 10 random players from the database and system distributes them among 10 winning spots. Players need to sign in to their account, enter the game and click the ‘Try Luck’ button, if players selected beforehand do not sign in to the game and click the “TRY LUCK” button, the prize fund intended for them will not be distributed. Maximum amount player can win per day is 100 mBTC, which will be credited to the account straight away, with no additional terms.
When does the game reset?
In case you are lucky or unlucky, does not matter, you can try luck again at 00:01 server time, every day.
FortuneJack - Lucky Jack, Win 100 mBTC everyday